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What to Look for in a Web Designer?

Design is essential to getting the right tone, vibe and experience for your website. But it isn’t as easy as hiring the first website designer that comes along. Here’s what you should look for in a web designer if you don’t want to make the mistake of ending up with the wrong hire:

Training and experience

First, get the basics out of the way. Ensure they have the qualifications you need. While experience is often desirable, there’s no reason not to hire someone who hasn’t got plenty of experience, so long as they have extensive training or how to get the job done.

Culture fit

In the early days of wonder shoe-company, Zappos, one of the first things they focused on was hiring people who were a culture fit. They were right. While it’s often the standard to hire someone who’s trained and experienced in the job, finding a culture-fit candidate wins, hands down. You’re hiring more than talent. You want to work with someone who sees and understands your culture and knows how to bring it to life.


Look for a web designer in Fort Worth who has a reputation for credibility and reliability. This is important since you don’t want someone bailing out on you when the deadlines get tight. So ask around. Go to family and friends for recommendations or suggestions. Welcome all referrals that come your way. They could save you a lot of trouble.


Look for someone who continuously learns. Ask about their recent training or if they participated in any conferences lately. If they’re too busy with work, ask them about where they get new tips and tricks. Basically, you just want to make sure they know about current technologies and techniques. It’s a good sign when designers keep on learning—because the best ones don’t stop. So hire someone who keeps on honing their talent.


Ask if the designer has any past experience working on a project similar to yours. If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck since that will certainly be a lot of help. In the absence of past experience, though, look into how well they deliver on new projects. You might be in for a good surprise.

So don’t just blindly hire a designer and call it a day. To improve the odds of hiring the ideal designer for your project, don’t settle for anyone until they have these qualities in spades.

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